The simple things in life

June 11, 2012 § 4 Comments

“It is always the simple
that produces the marvellous.”
Amelia Barr

As they say, it’s the simple things in life that bring pleasure.

Language plants are simple things really, just bending and branching and wafting in the breeze. But some people think they’re marvellous. Here’s an email I got recently, with just a couple of changes to keep their identity secret.

“Dear David,

I would be writing this, even if we hadn’t met a few days ago. I was going through my file looking for bits and bobs, and I came across your business card. From there to your website. And it’s brilliant.

The product is just so engaging, and the story of you learning Luo took me back 12 years to my time in SE Asia where I was learning Lao, and trying to do similar things with Post-its on the wall of my wooden stilt house. The organic links and paths appeal so strongly.

To the same degree I was impressed with the site itself. Simple. Straightforward. And an interactive experience in itself, rather than mere information-giving. I love the personal testimony of teachers, and the videos of Language Garden in action.

My son is 5 years old, and beginning to feel his way into the world of reading and writing. This would be such a fun activity for him to play around with. Have you considered working with Early Years practitioners and developing the product for this area? And here I mean for native speakers. I might show it to his teacher and see what she thinks. Other ideas that came to me while I was browsing – specific areas such as Academic Writing, Business English (expanding upon the ‘Project Activity’), and other ESP areas.

Forgive my suggestions. I’m sure they are things you’ve explored already. It’s just that I tend to get excited about things like this, and I’m still in my first hour of knowing Language Garden.”

Lovely, don’t you think?

If you’d like to try a really quick but wonderful activity, just click here. It’s based on the poem and language plant below, one of my favourites, by Rabindraneth Tajore.

“The animal on the land is noisy,
the fish in the air is silent,
the bird in the air is singing.
But man has in him
the noise of the earth,
the silence of the sea
and the music of the air.”
Rabindraneth Tajore


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