Whoop Whoop, Greek Lesson #1

September 29, 2011 § 13 Comments

“Whoop whoop” as Vicky herself might say. She’s always whooping. Our great friend Vicky Loras, she’s so friendly, and helpful and diligent. We Skyped a few times as the language plant evolved and took shape, finally settling on one big red verb, “didaksa” which means “I taught”, and “didaksame”, “we taught”, as it’s all about her time in Greece teaching in her own school, The Loras English Academy with her two sisters Eugenia and Christine.

I suppose it’s best to describe her as Greek Canadian. She and her family moved back to Greece when she was just a sweet little girl of 8, so she of course speaks fluent Greek. Now she’s loving her time in Switzerland, teaching mainly business English and, despite the butterflies in her tummy, giving teacher training seminars at conferences.

We wrote the plant using the Latin alphabet to help show some Ancient Greek words that sneaked into English centuries ago: micro-, mega -, didactic, and scholio.

And on behalf of all of you, I thank Vicky sincerely for her generously clear pronunciation on the video below. She actually makes me believe I can speak Greek! Now that deserves a whoop whoop!

§ 13 Responses to Whoop Whoop, Greek Lesson #1

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