After the party

August 5, 2011 § 8 Comments

“Time is what we want most,
but what we use worst.”
William Penn

The RSCON3 event last weekend seems to have been a huge success, and to all the organisers I make extensive use of the hand clappy icon. The talk on twitter is of all the different presentations seen and yet to be seen, thanks to the recordings of each. For mine, 29 people gave up not just an hour of their lives but also the chance to see a miscellany of other ideas, and I thank you all sincerely. From the comments you made throughout, I believe and hope you felt it worth it. I did my best. Sylvia and Clive and Chiew all played a pivotal role in the smooth-running, and I reiterate my immense gratitude to them for their help and support.

Till this afternoon, my memories had been coloured by fondness, so I took advantage of the recording to check out what had actually gone on, and I was pleased to see how similar this tallied with the event itself. More and more, I find myself tending towards the dictum “the older I get, the better I was”, but now here is evidence which time cannot tamper with.

So if you would like to belatedly be involved, you’re more than welcome. Clive and Sylvia amongst others have even recommended you do. And if you do click here, and you follow the talk, please click along like everyone else did on the webshare. It’s interactive, you see. You’ll be listening to me guiding you through amongst other things the Language Garden unit called Picnic, which you can see below, whilst trying out some fun activities and perhaps reading the comment thread too. I’d like to think it is time well spent.

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