July 29, 2011 § 6 Comments

“Design must seduce, shape,
and perhaps more importantly,
evoke an emotional response.”
April Greiman

One of my tasks these days is to take a language plant, one I’ve slaved over in the past, one where I’ve twisted each letter into position by zooming in and out to gain overall perspective and tweak the details, so that it makes sense and appeases the linearly logic left brain, and has a balance and beauty that pleases the emotional right brain.

I take this plant and reproduce it using the new tool my developer is working on, the working title being the “plant maker”. In tech-speak, I’m doing UX – user experience. My objective is to make the plant in a fraction of the time, and still maintain the quality.

Using the plant maker must feel just right, so easy and natural and intuitive that you’d have designed it exactly the same way, if you’d wanted to. There won’t be a user manual as thick as the Yellow Pages. In fact, there won’t be a need for one at all. The functionality – what it does – and the control tools – how they achieve this – must blend like coffee and cream.

So if you’d like to see where we’re at, and perhaps gain a better insight into language plants in general, then please come to my talk at the RSCON3 Symposium, this Sunday at 1.30pm UK time. You will be most welcome, and your comments and questions will be actively listened to. I’d like to hear your UX, and I’m sure one of you will come up with a better name for the plant maker.


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