The sun has set

April 6, 2011 § 7 Comments

“The next little country might be so close
the people could hear cocks crowing
and dogs barking there,
but they’d get old and die
without ever having been there.”
Tao Te Ching, verse 80

The sun has set on two blogs, from the Antilles and China, in spirit at least. Karenne and Diarmuid have called it a day, at heart two dogmeists, speaking from different angles, different eras even.

Karenne’s was the first blog I started reading, and there are many of us who can only aspire to her spirit of inclusion and energy. It was a proud moment for me when Language Garden made it onto her blogroll.

There are, we now know, only 81 verses in the Tao. The verse I chose to make into the language plant above was one of Diarmuid’s recent favourites. To his country, I am very glad I went. It was a lovely experience. In fact, it was Diarmuid Tzu who engaged me enough to write my first story, about my experience learning Luo in Kenya, and I am immensely grateful for the inspiration.

Both have been kind enough to comment and reply to me often, and I have greatly appreciated this. To date I have met neither in person, but I imagine this will soon be rectified at IATEFL next week.

So thank you both for entertaining and enlightening me, and thousands of others, and I wish you a happy retirement. I’ll finish with the first verse of Karenne’s historical epic:

“I’m going to take you on a journey through time
from the shores of Friesland
to Norway, Normandy and Ireland.
Raiding Latin, Greek and French
adding new words from new worlds
I’m going to take you on a journey through history
to tell you the story
of our global language.”


§ 7 Responses to The sun has set

  • David says:


    Beautiful! I hear you about not having met but connecting, that’s special and the magic of this new “noise” we participate in.

    Have you thought of doing Basho? I’m a student of the east but more into the poetry of the Tang dynasty . Li Po needs attention and thought.

    My fav. poem of Basho – My barn having burnt down, I could now see the moon. Or I’ll offer another, Japan here, Korea there, but the sky is forever. Words here, sound there but the meaning is forever….

    Keep creating these works of art!


  • Poets here, poets there.

    In the hearts of all, poetry fair.

  • Ah, shucks, David. Thank you very, very much. Talk soon! One week to go! Good golly!

    • David Warr says:

      A pleasure, it was good fun deciding where “raiding…” should best go. It could be attached to “language”, as I’ve done, or to “story of…”. Any preference? 😉

  • Alan Tait says:

    Wonderful! Great messages expertly cultivated in your greenhouse.

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