Thanks, everyone

April 1, 2011 § 9 Comments

“It’s not what you know,
it’s who you know.”

Everyone’s been having fun. It was the Virtual Round Table conference last weekend, and I for one had a great time. Huge thanks and respect to Shelly, Heike and Berni for organising it and working with the fantastic technology that allows it to happen, and at the start, during the opening plenary with various British Council ELTon entrants, for helping this particular technophobe get sorted out.

I dropped in on a number of sessions, made friends with some lovely new people, and discussed some future possible projects. Thanks to all those.

Thanks to Dave too, for his talk, and from me, doubly so, since I was feeling rather left out, not being able to make my own Wordle and join the club. So he made one for me.

I was away for a few days at a Festival of Learning, which is why I’m a bit slow posting it. I’d taken with me all my recording paraphernalia to capture some learners doing some language gardening. Well, all except one vital piece. Plan B: Panic. Plan C: Find someone useful. Step forward Mr Harverson, a philosopher if ever there was one. Sitting talking over lunch, next to some of his fresh-faced Year 4 acolytes, they were asked to explain why they believed in dinosaurs without direct proof. I think their lasagne got cold.

Naturally, he found connections between language plants, free choice and multiverses, the idea that there’s not just one universe, but an infinite number hiding somewhere. I love meeting such people. I can feel all my electrons in all my atoms buzzing around with extra zip.

Finally, thanks to Fiona Mauchline, for her expert holistic analysis of my Wordle: “it looks like a tree”. What else need be said?


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