Thanks Rachel!

March 11, 2011 § 9 Comments

She’s only just moved in next door has Rachel, a friendly 18-year-old with Owen, her bonny 6-month-old baby with a smile that makes even the sternest of them go googoogaga. Within just a day or two of moving in, she’d dropped round with a bunch of flowers to introduce herself.

Today I found out that she’d come third a few years ago in a national design competition at school. She’d asked if Language Garden was patented, and used the more legal, but much less common pronunciation – “pat” rather than “pay”, unusual, I thought, for someone to say such a thing, one thing led to another, and I learned about her intriguing 3-D cup-holder puzzle.

She’d just popped by to say hello. I’ve got wires and leads everywhere at the moment, various audio contraptions, I’m making screenshot videos to guide people around Language Garden. I’ve had in mind for a while to record learners and me talking, with viewers being able to see what’s going on on the screen. Rather obligingly, Rachel agreed to be a guinea pig.

It’s lesson material, if you’d like. Chat about pastimes with them, then just play the video, learners would gain a lot from listening and watching, I’m sure. Then Puzzle, which you can all do yourselves as well. Level? Ooh, elementary, post-beginner with more support.


§ 9 Responses to Thanks Rachel!

  • dingtonia says:

    What a charming video – you both sound so relaxed and happy and enjoying each other’s company. Like Dairmuid says, this is “being” , not “doing” and “being” is the best way.


  • Gorgeous! Really nice illustration of how the language gardens work to build on contextual meaning and also to show the repetitive nature of certain relationships within sentences while also pointing out the infinite possibilities.

    Also thought your new friend lovely, what a gorgeous voice and accent she has – a pure, refreshing and untouchable honesty. You should hire her to do more!


    • David Warr says:

      Hi Karenne, a Birmingham (Brummie) accent that is (where I come from too). I’ll let her know, in the UK it’s often teased!

      Hire her again? I’d need to get in some more biscuits first.

  • […] activities, and in small groups, learners pretty much direct themselves. Like the lesson I did with Rachel, only more talking in between, and more repetition of the […]

  • Ligaya D. Honofre says:

    This is exactly what I need in my thesis…a strategy to assess and/or evaluate pragmatic skills..contextual understanding!!! Repeating is scaffolding the idea!Great and dynamic interaction! And right away, we get to confirm that learning has indeed transpired!!!

  • Anna says:

    Thanks David (and Rachel!) for this demo… it inspired me to have a go with Pastimes in class on Monday with much enjoyment as always 🙂

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